Tuesday, May 15, 2012

. . .Draft. . .

         Yehey! At last, I finally got my own blog..hehehe....I'm not really familiar with this kind of stuff, but i love to write write write and write (^_^)....
          I just want to share what I wanted in my life back then, when my world goes around to only one person... I've written this poem for him for his birthday way back May, 2009. Hope you like it!


We came to this world planned or unplanned
Our pure-hearted mothers devoted their lives
Molding us to become good and God-fearing men

We have met different people
Some of them became our friends
Some were not that good influence

We fell in love with the wrong person and gained nothing but hurt
Then we loved again, hoping this time we give our love to the right one
Even though we are hurt sometimes, still, love remains the same

From love, here comes matrimony
Binding us together; Through thickness and thin, happiness and sorrow, for better or worse,’til death do us part 

Building our own family, with love, respect and faith
Becoming parents, now it’s our turn to mold our children to become great and God-fearing individuals
Our children have grown, learnt to love someone and bear children of their own.
Us, soon to be grandparents

Someday we will become old
We have come to the time that we face our death
Hopefully we really live…. We live our life the way what God’s planned

After death, our body may become ashes, but  our spirits still carry on
We will always be in their hearts, reminiscing those memories
After all, a  new life begins….

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  1. those were the days pa ang drama... huhuhu... however, the chances that this could be realized was greatly diminished... or is it?