Thursday, July 12, 2012

Epic Failure

What a day! . . . I pursue but I fail.
I wanted to achieve something but I fail.
I did my best but I fail.
I always fail.

It hurts to know that you give your extra effort and time, then the result will be a failure.
I always get so disappointed about things.
And most of the times, I doubted myself if I can do certain things or not.

The more I wanted to learn, the more failure I get.
I think of myself as a prisoner of failure.
I pity myself, It feels like I'm forever be in the shadow of darkness and failure.

Everything I do is a mistake for everybody.
I feel like I'm full of stupidity.
I talk nonsense.

Haiiisssstttt . . . . Why can't I make everything right!???
I'm so stressed about things, I want to take some time off.
I want to go somewhere, where I can find my soul and self  and be at peace.


  1. DOn't think that way FaTEAma! :) We're here naman for you.. take every failure as a challenge and as a stepping stone to get to the top.. :) go You!

    1. Natawa naman ako sa spelling mo ng name ko, talagang pinanindigan mo na ang pagtawag sa akin ng ganyan . . What a friday the 13!! haha

  2. Laugh at failures. Bawal ma stress ang beautiness natin. Heheh. Pero we learn from them. :)