Thursday, July 26, 2012

What to do when 'someone' says 'bad things' about you?..

I'm still not over it. . . hehe. . . What the heck!? My peaceful life was shaken when I heard a news about someone saying bad things about me, either upfront or backstab. Some people are really annoying. Hai, they get into my nerves! I just wish they realize how much damaged they've caused to someone's life.

I just finished browsing the net and luckily I got myself into this site " ".  This site shows some helpful ideas on how to handle the scenario when some people says bad things about you. Check the lists below:

1. Don’t be bitter; be neutral. What happened wasn’t OK, but bitterness will end up hurting you even more.
2. Reevaluate your life. Recovery is always a good time to look at what you’re doing and determine if you are finding fulfillment through it. Did something teach you that life is short? You’re a survivor for a reason, so make it count.
3. Do the things you were told you couldn't do. If someone said you would never amount to anything, go and prove them wrong. Don’t do it for their attention, and don’t expect them to acknowledge it later. Do it for yourself.
4. Prove yourself wrong. Most people who have been sidetracked have allowed low expectations from someone else to come into their own life somewhere. You don’t need to prove anything to someone else, but prove yourself wrong and learn to set higher expectations.
5. Refuse to believe that you’ll never be truly OK. Why can’t you fully recover? Maybe you can, maybe you can’t, but don’t rule it out right from the start with the belief that you’ll always be a victim.

Waaaahhhhhhh . . . . . . I really really need to apply those 5 ideas above in my daily life . . :)
Peace, love and music guys. . . Thank you God!
Happy reading (^_^) ! ! !


  1. ganyan talaga pag-artista, maraming chismis... masanay ka na... wahahahahha
    ika nga, di naman pupukulin kung walang bunga ang santol (santol talaga eh noh)...

    1. hahahaha...Amoy ko ba un?? tse! ahahaha