Wednesday, June 13, 2012

STATUS: Bitterness

OMG, most of my blog posts are so emotional :'( I've tried to avoid it but that's what my heart dictates me. My heart is so preoccupied of sad thoughts. I've tried to hold it back, but for once in my life, I'd like to express what's really inside me. This will be my last post regarding love matters. Then maybe, maybe . . . I can finally move on and hopefully be happy.

It's been almost four months since my fiance and I broke up. Everyday gets harder to forget the love, laughter and tears we've shared.

Why is it love makes you vulnerable? You open up your heart to someone, then by all means you allow that someone to mess up everything inside you. You build all the fences and made strong shield so that nothing can ever hurt you, then one day there goes one stupid person who enters your life. You give them all the pieces of yourself, they did not ask to. Done dumb things that are hard to forget like hugs, kisses or saying the phrase "I love you". Then in just one snap of your finger, your life and heart isn't yours anymore. It digs deeper inside you , but all of a sudden it leaves you crying or saying simple phrase like "maybe we should end it". Loneliness and emptiness arrived. It hurts so much. The pain remains the same even with the distance that separates you and the time that passes by. But despite the pain and trouble that this one stupid person have caused you, you still love that stupid person no matter what you've been through.

I'm praying to God that hopefully I will be given a sign not to give up even though we broke up. But again, million of teardrops falls. I just received a message from him, saying that "I guess the best thing to do is to move on. . It ends but it's a starting point of something".

It's sad but it is true. :(
That's my sad love story.


  1. such an emotional roller coaster ride, isnt it???one of the best things of having a blog is that you will have an outlet to pour out your personal baggages that you can either share or keep... my only hopes is you, my friend, will find true happiness one day... and that one day will be sooner that we think... maybe he's just lurking around the corner....

    1. Naman 'to! You're making me cry :( nah...
      Thanks . . .

  2. Promise that this is the last heartache post you will ever put in your blog! Go out and find your true self, and don't be afraid to be happy and fall in love again. It might take you some time to get all the things that you want done. But take it one step at a time.. danananana..

    P.S. the sheep is annoying. remove!

    Smile naman jan! :P

    1. I'll try not to break my promise. Waaah.. Don't know what to say sa mga comments nyo, just a lot of thanks for being there.

      P.S. I already removed it. ahahaha . . pinahirapan ako ng sheep na 'yon, hanap
      ako ng hanap kung ano 'yong tumutunog eh. . nyahahaha :D

  3. A break up can be a good thing fats. It'll make you find your self and it'll give you more time to do the things that you love and the things that you wanna try! Promise you wouldn't be the same woman that you used to be. ;) I pray that he'll find you soon! <3 Mwah!

    1. Thanks a lot for the advises. Just so happy to have friends like you :)
      Prayers are really helpful. . Thanks again..